Where To Find The Best Cornish Pasty In Falmouth

If you travel to Cornwall, you need to eat a Cornish pasty. It just goes without saying. The historic savoury pastry has become an emblem of the proud English county. And rightly so, as the humble pasty is steeped in Cornish history, going right back to when the miners used to take them down the pits for lunch.

When I lived in the wonderful little town of Falmouth for 3 fabulous years for uni, I ate more pasties than I care to admit. Pasties on campus for a quick and easy lunch, pasties in town for a cheeky afternoon snack, pasties with baked beans as a treat for dinner… you get the idea. But it’s not just the same thing day in and day out.

One of the great things about pasties is the variety on offer. You can find all sorts of different fillings, from the traditional Cornish pasty with beef and potatoes, to cheese and onion, to chicken tikka masala. The possibilities are endless. And being in Cornwall, you’ll never be too far away from a cafe or bakery with the famous Cornish treat on the menu.

In Falmouth, there must be hundreds of shops and cafes selling pasties, many of which I’ve had the joy of sampling myself. But today, I’m talking about the very best. Without further ado, here’s where you can find the best Cornish pasty in Falmouth.

Choak’s Pasties

In my humble opinion, the best Cornish pasty in Falmouth can be found at Choak’s Pasties. Situated just off the Moor, Choak’s has been satisfying the cravings of the people of Falmouth since 1948 – and for good reason. Their historic recipe has remained unchanged in all those years, and they continue to make their pasties fresh, by hand every day.

Today, you can watch for yourself as the Choak’s bakers make and stuff their pastry parcels with locally sourced meat and vegetables in their open kitchen. As for the flavour, it’s just perfect. Tender, tasty chunks of beef and soft vegetables encased in crispy pastry that’s just to die for – it’s the dream combination.

In fact, it’s the pastry that sets these pasties apart from the rest. Unlike most others, Choak’s pasties are sealed at the top, meaning you’re not left with a big, dry crust after you’ve munched through the filling. I’ve never been a fan of this crust, and would usually hand it to whoever is lucky enough to be near me at the time, and hungry enough to eat my leftovers.

Choak’s Cornish pasties are different – there is no dry, leftover crust to speak of. Every mouthful is filled with enough filling and pastry to satisfy any hungry customer. When I revisited Falmouth this summer, I had a chance to remind myself of their deliciousness once again, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Best Cornish Pasty in Falmouth

It’s not just me who agrees that Choak’s provide the best Cornish pasties in Falmouth. Many of local Cornishmen and women I’ve spoken to agree (although I don’t think anyone could ever find a true consensus!) and the longevity of the Choak’s business speaks for itself. People wouldn’t be returning year after year if their pasties weren’t the very best.

The best Cornish pasty in Falmouth

Enjoying a seemingly humble pasty is a very personal process, and you’ll find pasty connoisseurs who are passionate about various bakeries and cafes that produce them. But I am passionate about Choak’s of Falmouth, and I think you’ll be too.

If you’re looking for something a little different, there’s some other tasty fillings on offer too, including some vegetarian options. Everyone will leave satisfied.

To visit Choak’s and get a taste of the tasty, historic Cornish pasty for yourself, you can find it here.

And no, this isn’t a sponsored post. Although, if Choak’s want to pay me with their pasties, I’ll be more than happy to receive them.

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